Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is near and millions will be shopping online for eco friendly gifts. Though online shopping can be a Greener way of shopping, due to the lack of CO2 from driving from store to store, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for eco friendly gifts for the holidays on Cyber Monday to keep it Green!

  • Look for stores that sell environmentally conscious products
  • See how far the package must go, before it arrives to you
  • Look for drop ship retailer, drop shipping products is much Greener!
  • Shop stores that have Green practices in their day to day business
  • Avoid big box stores such as Wal-mart
  • Look for products that have recycled, sustainable, or natural content
  • Purchase products that come with replacement parts
  • Avoid one use or disposable products that go in the landfill
  • Buy products that have energy star or another energy efficient seal
  • Buy products packaged in recycled or recyclable materials
  • Combine your shopping to a few stores to lessen the deliveries
  • Use Green shipping companies such as Fed-ex
  • Look for products that are American Made, Locally produced or handcrafted
  • Shop local! Support your local economy!
  • Buy Gift Cards or Gift certificates
  • Donate to a charity for a gift instead of buying tangible items
  • Buy Organic products, organically produced content

Enjoy your Cyber Monday shopping spry for eco friendly gifts. Look for ways to help the environment too by being aware of your carbon footprint.  Every little bit you do to help the environment is a step closer to lessening your carbon footprint and the impact on the planet. It keeps the landfills free so future generations have a cleaner and healthier future.  Shopping Green for Eco friendly gifts can be fun! Happy Holiday’s from Pumpkin Doodle!








Organic Mattresses Better Sleep

Organic mattresses Better Sleep. Organic mattresses are now becoming more mainstream. Mattress manufacturers are finding greener and more non toxic ways to make mattresses.  However, not all green mattresses are Organic mattresses. An Organic mattress creates Better sleep.  Here’s how; chemicals in mattresses take years to off gas and most adults sleep on average of 8 hours a night.  That is 8 hours your lungs breathe in the chemicals in mattresses, even if they are undetectable by smell.  These chemicals can effect your lungs, your sinus and create issues with breathing, which has been linked to allergies and asthma, or sleep Apnea.  Have you ever awoke with puffy eyes and swollen face?  When I travel, I do, and I know it is because the mattresses aren’t chemical free. So much hype about mattress firmness and quality, different models of sleep member or dual firmness, body temperature, but you really don’t see many advertisements for the toxicity of a mattress.  Organic mattresses create better sleep, it creates a healthier you, more rested and rejuvenated you.  An Organic mattress can help make sleeping feel more natural, more inviting and breathe easier knowing your helping the environment as well.  Organic bedroom needs an organic mattress and organic bedding to create a serine and beautiful retreat for your peaceful nights rest.  After all, sleep is very important part of being healthy! Organic mattresses Better Sleep!