Natural Spermicide Alternative to Chemicals

In today’s world of so many parmasuticals Women have little choice when it comes to birth control. There isn’t many options on the market for spermicide supplement. If chemical spermicides are either against your views or you have allergic reactions to them then Contragel Green might be your answer. When it comes to Natural Spermicide on the market, Contragel Green is a natural spermicide alternative lubricant that can be used with condoms, femcap, cervical cap, or any other barrier method that needs spermicide or lubricant supplement. Nonoxynol 9 can be harsh it can cause burning, itching and swelling. If using mainstream chemical spermicides or lubricants doesn’t work for you. Our natural spermicide might be right for you. Made from all natural ingredients and is vegan, Contragel Green is chemical free, not tested on animals and safe and effective.  Used for over 35 years.  Use in place of your other lubricants with your femcap, cervical cap, condom as added protection.  Comes in an easy to use tube.  Try the natural alternative to Nonoxynol 9 and feel the difference 100% natural spermicide lubricant can make. Feel healthier, more enjoyable and safer, Contragel Green can change your experience. Why not try a tube today  Be Eco friendly in your birth control methods too. Being Green and Being healthy means a safer tomorrow!